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RuBee Enabled Weapons Shot Counter

Allegro is a RuBee enabled weapons shot counting (WSC) tag, with NIST sensors; an ultra low powered full custom, a state machine signal processor, two full custom integrated circuits; a ruggedized hand held (the pRap) tag reader based on the Apple iTouch; and integrated application software that provides real-time weapons maintenance, diagnostics and health care.


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Impulse Response Function (IRF) is the weapon's EKG

Allegro is breakthrough new technology based on an advanced custom chip set, sensors, proprietary signal processing state machine, pRap hand held readers with diagnostic software, and secure two-way data communication. Allegro does a weapon "health check" as each round is fired. We record separately the number of shots fired for the major weapon components: barrel assembly, upper receiver, and lower receiver. Advanced Allegro features include weapons temperature histogram, barrel wear metrics, cleaning status, or presence of mechanical problems. The IRF is captured using a custom ultra-sensitive NIST traceable accelerometer, mounted in a standard location on each weapon model, using ultra-light custom packaging that has no effect on weapon performance, or on the IRF.

In three independent customer tests, using three different model carbines, based on total of over 50,000 rounds fired, Allegro consistently had 99% shot counting accuracy (see
White Paper).

After extensive testing, Allegro won the competitive RFP $5 million
DoD Weapons Shot Counting Award (see
Press Release)

Wireless Reading and Writing Data Stored in the WSC Tag

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Data stored in the Tag may be read using a Personal RuBee Access Point (pRap). The pRap has a PDA touch screen interface, based on the Apple iTouch. The pRap has a secure, two way IEEE 1902.1 data link and an optional 1D barcode reader. The pRap is ruggedized and can optionally meet MIL-STD-810G. Visible provides a variety of pRap programs that capture tag data and transfers the information to the server-based armory 20/20 system. pRap has optional WiFi data links, as well as a conventional USB port. pRaps also write weapons configuration information to WSC tags.

RuBee is the only wireless technology ever allowed into secure US facilities. Because RuBee is magnetic, not Radio Frequency (RF); RuBee has no eavesdropping, tempest or target risks. To see live fire video demonstration
click here.
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The Impulse Response Function (IRF) shown above is key to shot counting, Mean Kinetic Shots (MKS) and all other diagnostic metrics tied to performance of a weapon. The IRF is a waveform that plots acceleration vs. time when the weapon is fired and is the input to our custom signal processing chip. The IRF provides an objective map of all the mechanical events that occur when a round is fired. A typical IRF is illustrated above, with key mechanical events identified. It is important to emphasize that since the mechanics and mechanical events for different model weapons are different, we would also expect to see changes in IRF from one weapons platform to another. The IRF is unique for new weapon designs or models, but it is reassuring that it is typically the same for any given model or similar design (see Weapons Healthcare Summary). See the Shot Counting Video demonstration. The IRF is basis for diagnostic maintenance warnings for weapons similar to warning the lights found in any modern automobile.
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The IRF is same as diagnostic Electrocardiogram (ECG), but for a firearm. We have carried out “clinical protocols” to understand the IRF for each new weapon to see what it looks like in both “health” and “sickness.” The KPIs are metrics that are calculated within the RuBee weapons tag, providing reproducible and reliable diagnostic measurements anywhere using a simple, low cost field reader or an in armory smart rack.
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